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About the journal

Molecular Horticulture is a premier horticulture journal newly launched by Shanghai JiaoTong University with Springer Nature as its publisher. The Journal is guided by a distinguished Advisory Board consisting of preeminent academics and edited by an outstanding international Editorial Board comprised with globally highly recognized scholars.  The Journal is fully Open Access (OA) yet free of charge to authors.

Aims and scope


Molecular Horticulture aims to publish research and review articles that significantly advance our knowledge in understanding how the horticultural crops or their parts operate mechanistically. Articles should have profound impacts not only in terms of high citation number or the like, but more importantly on the direction of the horticultural research field.


Molecular Horticulture publishes original Research Articles, Letters, and Reviews on novel discoveries on the following, but not limited to, aspects of horticultural plants (including medicinal plants):

Developmental and evolutionary biology
Physiology, biochemistry and cell biology
Plant-microbe and plant-environment interactions
Genetics and epigenetics
Molecular breeding and biotechnology
Secondary metabolism and synthetic biology
Multi-omics dealing with data sets of genome, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome, epigenome and/or microbiome.

The journal also welcomes research articles using model plants that reveal mechanisms and/or principles readily applicable to horticultural plants, translational research articles involving application of basic knowledge (including those of model plants) to the horticultural crops, novel Methods and Resources of broad interest.

In addition, the journal publishes Editorial, News and View, and Commentary and Perspective on current, significant events and topics in global horticultural fields with international interests.

Annual Journal Metrics

2023 Speed
4 days submission to first editorial decision for all manuscripts (Median)
74 days submission to accept (Median)

2023 Usage 
106 Altmetric mentions