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Table 2 Differentially expressed genes (DEGs) associated to hormones

From: The SlSHN2 transcription factor contributes to cuticle formation and epidermal patterning in tomato fruit

Category Gene Identification Putative Function Log2 Fold Change shn2/WT q value
Gibberellin Solyc12g006460 GA ent-kaurenoate oxidase 4.26 2.5E-249
Solyc07g056670 Gibberellin 2-oxidase -3.52 4.2E-46
Solyc09g074270 Gibberellin receptor 2.34 1.1E-87
Solyc04g017720 Gibberellin regulated protein GASA6 -2.04 2.3E-17
Solyc04g078195 Gibberellin-regulated protein 1.12 5.0E-84
Ethylene synthesis and signalling Solyc07g049550 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate oxidase 2 ACO2 -3.35 3.8E-26
Solyc07g026650 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate oxidase 5 ACO5 -1.47 2.3E-13
Solyc02g091990 Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase 3 ACS3 3.48 1.4E-74
Solyc09g089610 Ethylene receptor-like protein ETR6 -1.81 5.3E-38
Ethylene response Solyc10g006130 EAR motif SlERF36 1.30 3.1E-135
Solyc05g052030 Ethylene response factor 4 -3.90 8.6E-42
Solyc03g093610 Ethylene response factor A.2 2.42 3.0E-144
Solyc04g014530 Ethylene response factor C.2 -1.08 7.0E-14
Solyc02g077370 Ethylene response factor C.5 1.74 2.1E-29
Solyc03g093560 Ethylene response factor C.6 2.32 2.5E-35
Solyc01g108240 Ethylene response factor D.3 3.96 0.0E + 00
Solyc10g050970 Ethylene response factor D.4 4.26 0.0E + 00
Solyc07g053740 Ethylene response factor F.4 1.29 2.1E-20
Solyc05g051200 Ethylene-responsive factor 1 -2.02 6.8E-31
Solyc04g011440 Ethylene-responsive heat shock protein cognate 70 2.44 0.0E + 00
Solyc02g070040 Ethylene-responsive nuclear protein ERT2 4.10 3.8E-135
Solyc08g080630 Ethylene-responsive proteinase inhibitor 1 -7.90 4.6E-25
Solyc12g056980 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor -1.18 4.6E-15
Solyc11g012980 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 1.52 1.2E-62
Solyc06g035700 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 3.60 5.2E-59
Solyc11g042560 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 5.27 3.6E-56
Solyc08g082210 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor -1.43 2.3E-43
Solyc12g009240 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 1.26 3.2E-107
Solyc01g090560 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 1.60 3.3E-30
Solyc01g090340 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 2 3.88 3.5E-77
Solyc02g077840 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 4 1.17 1.1E-18
Solyc08g078190 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 5 1.15 1.7E-32
Solyc03g093550 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 5 1.62 4.6E-72
Solyc03g093540 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 5 2.28 6.1E-12
Solyc04g078640 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor RAP2-1 -1.85 8.0E-11
Auxin synthesis, transport and response Solyc06g062920 Auxin-regulated dual specificity cytosolic kinase 2.57 4.1E-236
Solyc03g120380 Auxin-regulated IAA19 1.51 2.0E-37
Solyc06g008580 Auxin-regulated IAA22 1.69 2.4E-22
Solyc08g021820 Auxin-regulated IAA29 -2.31 5.2E-31
Solyc12g096570 Auxin-regulated organ size gene -4.27 1.6E-31
Solyc06g075690 Auxin-regulated protein AF416289 4.87 5.5E-203
Solyc04g053010 Auxin-responsive protein SAUR65 1.56 3.4E-74
Solyc01g099840 Dormancy/auxin associated protein -1.15 1.3E-44
Solyc10g079640 IAA-amino acid hydrolase ILR1-like 6 1.74 2.1E-76
Solyc06g059730 PIN6 6.11 3.3E-51
Solyc01g110920 Small auxin up-regulated RNA26 -1.06 2.0E-18
Solyc04g081250 Small auxin up-regulated RNA51 -1.39 2.4E-17
Solyc04g081270 Small auxin up-regulated RNA52 -1.93 8.6E-24
Abscisic Acid Solyc02g084850 Abscisic acid environmental stress-inducible protein TAS14 1.13 3.8E-08
Solyc03g095780 Abscisic acid receptor PYL4-like 1.99 3.7E-48
Solyc08g005610 Cytochrome P450 CYP707A ABA 3.18 4.3E-26
Brassinosteroid Solyc02g071990 Brassinosteroid signaling positive regulator-related protein BES1/BZR1 1.20 1.9E-55
Solyc07g062260 Brassinosteroid signaling positive regulator-related protein BES1/BZR1 1.55 6.4E-34
Cytokinin Solyc11g069570 Cytokinin riboside 5'-monophosphate phosphoribohydrolase 1.26 8.0E-12
Jasmonate Solyc09g061840 3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolase peroxisomal-like 1.02 2.8E-26
Solyc07g006890 Cytochrome P450 CYP94B jasmonate 3.01 0.0E + 00
Solyc12g009220 Jasmonate ZIM-domain protein 1 6.33 2.1E-139
Solyc07g042170 Jasmonate ZIM-domain protein 3 1.82 3.9E-187
Solyc08g076930 Jasmonic acid 3 1.11 3.2E-76
  1. DEGs in the exocarp of WT-like and shn2 20 DPA fruit. Genes were assigned manually to functional categories. Annotations are from SGN