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Table 2 Regulatory genes used for genetic improvement of I. indigotica

From: Isatis indigotica: from (ethno) botany, biochemistry to synthetic biology

Name Gene Gene ID Function/Pathway Reference
Calcium-dependent protein kinases CDPK1 DQ098651 Stress-responsive pathway and hormone signaling Lu et al., 2006b
CDPK2 DQ458915 Pan et al., 2008
FRUITFUL FUL LC321987 Multiple reproductive growth stages, including floral transition, meristem determinacy, floral organ differentiation and fruit ripening Ma et al., 2017a
SHATTERPROOF2 SHP2 Development of reproductive organs Lu et al., 2020
SEPALLATA SEP1 LC472304, LC472305 Ma et al., 2019
SEP4 Pu et al., 2020
Flowering locus C FLC Flowering related protein Wang et al., 2018
Later embryogenesis abundant proteins LEA AY866484 Lu et al., 2011
GRAS GRAS Plant growth and development Zhang et al., 2016c
Stomatal density and distribution1 SDD1 DQ407741 Regulation of stomatal differentiation and pattern formation Xiao et al., 2010
AP2/ERF Transcription Factor Ii049 Lignan and lignin biosynthesis pathways Ma et al., 2017
  IiERF008 IiDIR related factor Chen, 2018
WRKY Transcription Factor WRKY34 MN480620 Lignan biosynthesis pathway, stress-responsive pathway and growth of root Xiao et al., 2020
Insecticidal proteins Bt and Pta Insect-resistant proteins Xiao et al., 2012
  1. -; not available