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Table 1 SlPZF1-interacting proteins identified by Yeast Two Hybrid

From: Fruit size control by a zinc finger protein regulating pericarp cell size in tomato

PZFI ITAG name No of clones Description
PZFI1 Solyc07g032510 9 Microspherule protein 1
PZFI2 Solyc01g006400 4 Cysteine-rich extensin-like protein-4
PZFI3 Solyc03g043870 2 Ubiquitin ligase protein FANCL
PZFI4 Solyc09g072570 2 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor SLU7-A; SWELLMAP 1/SlSMP
PZFI5 Solyc11g066060 2 Heat shock protein 70
PZFI6 Solyc01g079350 1 PAPA-1-like conserved region family protein
PZFI7 Solyc03g116830 1 Phox domain-containing protein
PZFI8 Solyc04g077740 1 Unknown Protein
PZFI9 Solyc06g068130 1 TPR domain protein
PZFI10 Solyc07g062970 1 protein phosphatase 2C dig3
PZFI11 Solyc08g014020 1 MLP3.2 protein
PZFI12 Solyc08g079250 1 Plant lipid transfer protein
PZFI13 Solyc10g047290 1 Protein phosphatase 2C
PZFI14 Solyc11g068960 1 Basic helix-loop-helix dimerisation region bHLH; LONESOME HIGHWAY/SlLHW