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Table 1 Effects of delayed leaf senescence on yield of genetically engineered crop plants

From: Leaf senescence: progression, regulation, and application

Plant species Strategies for delaying senescence Organs harvested Yield increase (%) Growth conditions Note References
Cassava pSAG12::IPT Storage root −23.33 Field Increased drought tolerance Zhang et al. 2010
Canola pAtMYB32xs::IPT Grain 16–23 or 7–16 Field, rainfed or irrigated Elevated oleic acid content Kant et al. 2015
Maize pSARK::IPT Grain 47–66 Green house water deficit No effect when well-watered Décima Oneto et al. 2016
Maize HaHB11 overexpression Grain 28 Field   Raineri et al. 2019
Maize nac7 RNAi Grain 2.2–3.5 Field   Zhang et al. 2019
Peanut pSARK::IPT Seed 51 Field, water-limiting No yield increase when well-watered Qin et al. 2011
Rice pSARK::IPT Grain 144 Green house, water-stressed No yield increase when well-watered Peleg et al. 2011
Rice OsNAP RNAi Grain 6.3–10.3 Field Reduced grain protein and mineral micronutrient Liang et al. 2014
Rice OsGATA12 overexpression Grain 30 Green house, high density Reduced yield at low density Lu et al. 2017
Rice ONAC096 T-DNA insertion Grain 16 Field   Kang et al. 2019
Rice OsCKX11 Crispr/Cas9 Grain 7.5 Field Increased grain number Zhang et al. 2021
Rice Introgression of japonica OsSGR allele Grain 10.6–12.7 Field   Shin et al. 2020
Tomato SlORE1S02 RNAi Fruit 43–95a Green house Increased soluble solid content Lira et al. 2017
Tomato SlNAP2 RNAi Fruit 19a Growth chamber Increased soluble solid content Ma et al. 2018
Wheat TaNAM RNAi Grain Not affected Field Reduced grain protein, zinc content Uauy et al. 2006
Wheat EMS mutagenesis of GPC-A1 and GPC-D1 Grain Not affected Field Reduced grain protein content Avni et al. 2014
Wheat TaNAC-S overexpression Grain Not affected Green house Increased straw N content Zhao et al. 2015
Wheat NAM RNAi Grain Not affected Growth room Increased stem fructans Borrill et al. 2015
Wheat pSAG12::IPT Grain Not affected Green house   Sýkorová et al. 2008
Wheat pAtMYB32xs::IPT Grain 40–67 Field, water stressed Slight increase when well-watered Joshi et al. 2019
  1. aEstimated based on bar graphs when numbers are not provided in the article